Son blasting through lessons in ten seconds, not learning a thing
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    Default Son blasting through lessons in ten seconds, not learning a thing

    Hi moms and dads,

    I'm really at my wits end here and hope someone has a suggestion or two. My (almost 10-year old) son is flying through assignments too quickly to actually learn anything and it's driving me mad. He's clearly just clicking buttons to move to then next screen and not paying any attention whatsoever to the work. When an assignment requires typing an answer into a box or writing something in a notebook, he just blows right past it like it's not there.

    I don't just hand my son a list of things to do and go watch TV, I sit in the same room with my kids and tend to my own work so I'm always available for questions, etc. He's a very proficient reader, so I know that's not the problem. Short of sitting in front of him and reading each word off the screen and lording over him as he types or writes out answers to questions, I'm at a loss as to what to do. At his age, I think that he should be monitored while working, of course, but he should be able to also be more independent than this.

    No amount or type of incentives are working. He literally will not take the time to read or do what's on the screen, he just sits and clicks, clicks, clicks, then claims he's done. Is this perhaps the wrong program for him? It's worked great for my other two but this child just glazes over when it comes time for schoolwork.

    I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks!


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    Lisa, my 10 year old daughter use to do that. Use to is the magic words! I too am available for questions and have taught my kids to be more independent when doing their school work. What I did was go look at her portfolio and see what results were on reports. If it wasn't to my satifsfaction I made her do them again. She then realized I was monitoring her closely and knew she couldn't get away with it. If I also saw she was struggling with that lesson I would sit down with her and walk her through it. I have a certain percentage that I want her to get above so if that isn't happening she will do lesson over and do printable worksheets if needed.

    I think the independence is great but I also feel they want guidence and maybe our one on one attention!
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    Lisa, maybe you already know that the reports show how long the student spent on each activity. My nephew stopped claiming he "just works fast" when I showed him the report that said he was logged in to one social studies activity a total of two seconds. If your child knows the time is documented, that might help.
    On the other hand, if his test scores are awesome, maybe he really doesn't need to do all of the activities.

    A student who tries this with an online program will skim (or skip) reading assignments in textbooks, too . . . and you will have no documentation to confront him with.

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    I demand redos of any that have less than 90% on the graded ones. If she can pass the test/graded work on the first or second try, then I figure the lesson meant to teach it(the non graded ones) either worked or wansnt needed. If i think she is skipping stuff that is important or doing it over and over memorizing multiple choice I will tell her Im gonna give her an essay test on the ones she fails.

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