Son needs more review, suggestions please!
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    Default Son needs more review, suggestions please!

    This is our first year homeschooling. My 9yr ds is doing 4th grade T4L as a core curriculum because he is a very visual learner and he likes it. However, I'm noticing T4L is a mastery curriculum and my son really needs a daily review of Math and Lang Arts or he will forget it all. Any suggestions on what to use to supplement for a daily review? I'd like a book that I can tear out the pages he needs to do. It needs to be very simple but covers everything and requires hardly any planning on my part. I know there's online worksheets I can print out but I feel I might miss something. I'm wanting him to take the ITBS this spring and I'm getting nervous. (newbie homeschooler)


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    A couple of my kids have needed lots of review. I love Evan Moor Daily Language Review and Evan Moor Daily Math Review. You can view sample pages or order them on Here is the fourth grade language review and here is the math. I usually get one grade level below where my kids are working, because I REALLY want it to be review. I don't want to use these books to teach the concept.

    I have a feeling these books would be exactly what you are looking for. They have have a page for each day of the week, all laid out nicely for you.

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    ok, i've never even heard of those books, but i may look into them. what i do now is i just print out extra copies of the math pages (jack doesn't need as much review in LA), and i've made "notebooks" we keep everywhere: in my purse, in the car, etc. and when we're stopped somewhere, he does them for "extra credit points" (usually used for extra tv time or special treats). also, the cheap little workbooks you get at walmart or wherever are fun too. he has a tendency of going and picking one out on both subjects he's mastered and ones he'd like to do. he can do those for xtra points as well.
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