Sound for 3rd grade?
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    Unhappy Sound for 3rd grade?

    I'm new to T4L, just signed up today. I began doing lessons with my son, but he is having to read everything. Is this how the 3rd grade is set up? My son has ADHD, and does much better when being read to when it comes to school work. But the science, math, history that we did, he had to read everything, or rather I had to read it to him. I see that as no different then him reading out of a textbook, which he hates, and that is why I opted for this program.

    Maybe I am not doing something right? If he has to read and comprehend even the math rather then being read to, this program isnt going to work for him.

    My son likes to read kids books, and I give him books to read every week. That he will do, because he is interested in that. School work is different, he hates reading to learn, and needs visual.

    Help please?

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    The third grade math lessons are read aloud to the student. He needs to clidk on the text to hear it read. I teach my kids to first click on the text in the yellow box to the left. Then, click on the read instructions at the bottom of the white box to the right and do what the instructions say to do. Then, click the arrow to move on.

    Most of the science and history lessons are text based. Many people like to download the free version of Natural Reader to read these lessons to the student.
    I hope this helps.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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