Started my almost 7 year old in 1st. She is really somewhere between 1st & 2nd
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    Default Started my almost 7 year old in 1st. She is really somewhere between 1st & 2nd

    We started in chapter 4 of LA. The reading is really a breeze for her but I want to make sure she has the phonics down because that has been hit & miss. We are moving quickly now, mostly review and brushing up. I tried the first couple of lessons in 2nd grade but really I'm afraid of leaving gaps. Does this sound like a good plan? We're doing most of the same thing for math too. We were just over 2/3 through Calvert 1st math, which is really slow.

    It feels really odd not to have more written work but she's having fun. It is hard to tell is she is truly getting anything because of review. Should I have her take tests to see if she can move forward or just continue what I'm doing?


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    Hi! At this age, children need lots and lots of review, so don't worry if things seem too easy for her. If I had a seven-year-old that I felt was "somewhere between first and second", I would probably start her in first. I think middle school is the best time for catching up and closing gaps.

    There are printable worksheets available within the parent login.

    Some parents do like to have their student take the test first, and then use the results to decide whether they need to do the associated lessons or not.

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