Starting Mid-year?
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    Question Starting Mid-year?

    Hi we are just now starting with T4L and my daughter has already completed a lot of the "lessons" in school. We are just wondering where to start her? I did the little placement questionare at the registration and it put her in second grade which is right where she should be, but it is now April and we have found that quite a bit of it is review. Should I start her in the middle? Just use some of the curriculum?

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    Some parents have managed this type of situation by allowing their children to take each test before doing the associated lessons. If the student scores well on the test, they skip that chapter. If the student doesn't score well on the test, they do the lessons in the chapter and then re-take the test.

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    Good Question, Katy. I think you were reading my mind. I was wondering what to do about this also. My daughter is in 3rd grade and we are just starting T4L, too. So, thanks for the great idea. I'll definately give it a try with Jame'.

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