Starting mid-year 7th grade
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    Default Starting mid-year 7th grade

    We're getting started mid-year, and I'm wondering if there is any way to begin half-way through the year's curriculum. My 7th grader is fairly advanced, but I know there will be stuff he hasn't covered. I'd rather he not get perfect grades than be bored and I don't know how we would cover 7th and move on to 8th in the fall. So I don't know if it is either possible or advisable to start 2/3rds of the way through 7th grade. We can just start with 8th and take till next June to finish it? I'm don't know what would be best.

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    Hi, Joy. Many students begin mid-year, and there are several ways to do that. A favorite is to have the child take each test first, instead of waiting until he has done the associated lessons. If he gets 80% or better on the test, he doesn't need to do the lessons. He just tries the next test.

    Other parents look at the lesson plans and, with their student, choose lesson activities they know their child needs practice on. The lesson activity numbers can then be input into the Activity Finder.

    Many families choose not to pay attention to grade levels. The start their student where they assume they are in each subject and just let them work at their own pace. For example, I one had a fifth grader doing third grade math and seventh grade language arts. She finished third grade math before the school year was finished, and just went on to fourth grade math. She did not quite finish seventh grade language arts that year, so she just began where she had left off when we started school again in September.

    I hope this gives you some ideas about how you might proceed. Hopefully other parents will chime in to share what has worked for them.

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