State simulation Test for language arts.
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    Post State simulation Test for language arts.

    Is there a way to access the state simulation tests. I see them on the lesson plans but for some reason, I CANNOT find a way to access them. I am kind of new to this so I apologize. Is there anyone that can help me? Christie

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    Christie, the state simulation tests are highly animated activities, designed to allow practice with the concepts presented in most state tests. They do not give practice in the actual test-taking experience. I'm wondering if you are confused because you are expecting to see something that looks like a state test?

    To access any activity, locate the activity number on the lesson plans or in your schedule. Input that number in the Activity Finder. Here is more information about using the Activity Finder.

    Another way to access them is to click on the icon within your student's dashboard. You do not have to access the lesson activities in order, so you can just skip ahead and click on the state simulation tests. The Activity Finder is usually easier for new people to use; many old-timers find it easier to work from the dashboard.

    Please let me know if you still can't locate these lessons.

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