State Simulation Test and Levels?
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    Default State Simulation Test and Levels?

    #1 - are the levels equivalent to a typical grade level? I'm assuming so, but thought I should confirm to be on the safe side. We have some family members asking about homeschooling, how we are doing, and where my daughter is at.

    #2 - I was reviewing my daughters most recent report and I see she completed 3 "State Simulation Test"s in Language Arts. Will you please share more about what those tests are?

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    The levels in Time4Learning are intended to correspond to the student's "grade" (i.e. first grade, second grade, and so forth). The curriculum used by Time4Learning is used in many schools and is aligned to national education standards.

    The state simulation tests are intended to prepare the student for standardized testing. Your student will be asked the same types of questions as she will be asked on standardized tests, but the format is MUCH different.

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