Story Creator and Handwriting
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    Default Story Creator and Handwriting

    Can I just say how much I love this program. My son has come such a long way in his reading w/ this program.

    We started of using 2nd grade LA, saw how the story creater worked, did a few of them, w/ my son fighting me the whole time. Then I took him down a grade level. The 1st grade LA does not start the story creator till the reveiw section. He had the whole 1st grade LA to not do this.

    He is at the point they are using the story creator again. I can not believe the difference in the sentences he is writing. He is not arguing w/ me to come up w/ at least 2 sentences. (I am going to insist on 3 sentences when we move to 2nd grade LA) The sentences used to be simple but now he is really getting into it and writing longer more detailed sentences.

    One of the down falls to using a online program is the lack of handwriting. Sooooo here is what we are doing now.

    My son will type out his sentences, I go skip a line and copy and paste his sentences, I go back and fix any thing that is wrong, spelling, puncutation, capitalization.... then we print the story.
    We compare the two and circle the differences. Then he gets to practice his handwriting by copying the sentence w/ all the corrections.
    I thought he would complain about doing this but so far he does it w/ out issue.

    I wanted to share this idea w/ others whose children need to practice their handwriting.

    I am going to get some lined paper though. Instead of having him copy it under the sentence I will have him copy it on lined paper so we can get the best handwriting possible.

    Enjoy Learning!
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    That's a wonderful idea! Thanks so much for sharing what has worked for you.

    I really like the progression of the language arts program, too. Each year builds just a little bit more onto what was studied the previous year.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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