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    Question Study Guides for Tests/Quizzes

    How are others creating study guides for your child's test? Tests can be over a unit that has had 5-10 quizzes with 10 questions per quiz. That is quite a bit of material to cover for a child without some type of study guide? I tried to preview the test to put together some sort of study guide but was unable to see the test in advance. Any suggestions on what others are doing would be appreciated. I have one child who is overwhelmed with the tests over so much material. Thanks Amy

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    I have my kids take notes all along. It's a skill that they'll use in higher grades, and deciding what's important enough to write down helps them keep their mind on the lesson. They seem to remember more that way.

    BUT! I also let them use those notes when they take the tests. I have never liked the idea of making my kids put in a lot of time "learning" something just long enough to pass a test. It isn't really "learning" if they have forgotten it two days later. Instead, I want them to be acquainted enough with the material that they can look up specifics later, if needed. Try taking those tests yourself, and you will probably see what I mean.

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