Which Subjects and Years have the cartoony lessons?
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    Question Which Subjects and Years have the cartoony lessons?

    Hi! We just started Time4Learning for my 4th grader. I LOVE the Language Arts modules because they are the fun, interactive cartoon type lessons. The Math looks good too, but since he is behind in Math we are using a different curriculum (Life of Fred).

    He loves Science and Social Studies, but those lessons are NOT the cool cartoon ones. It's like they scanned and shrank a text book and put the pages up. So sad. Are they planning on updating those subjects to the interactive ones any time soon? Right now we are just using it for Language Arts and the games. My 1st grader will be homeschooled starting in January and then my Kindergardener will start next Fall.

    Can anyone tell me which modules in which grades are the interactive cartoon kind? I'd hate to pay for all 3 and find out the lessons are not interactive.


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    Hi. Time4Learning provides a complete math and language arts curriculum, with some science and social studies available at most grade levels as a free bonus.

    The new middle school science lessons are great. You might consider putting him in MS Nature of Science, if you think he might be ready. Nature of Science is only about two lessons per week and it's animated and fun, with video teachers.

    You can also log in to your parent account and look in the left sidebar for a link to JUST the animated science lessons. Here's an article about one way to use those: Animated Science Lessons.

    I might scoot him down to third grade social studies. It's plenty challenging, and a little more interesting. I have never paid attention to grade levels for science and social studies, and I never told my kids that "level" corresponded to "grade" in Time4Learning. When they were finished with level one of something, they went on to level two.

    While not very animated, the text-based lessons are actually interactive, so my kids have preferred them over textbooks. They can click on words to hear them defined or pronounced and there are questions along the way with immediate feedback, to make sure they understand. When they would complain about the social studies not being as "fun" as language arts, I threatened to give them an actual history textbook.

    Seventh grade social studies is a nice animated overview of American history. Third through sixth grade social studies are all text based.

    Once you have been a member for thirty days, do check out the art program. If he likes the fun, cartoony stuff, he will love Time4Art. It's free, after you've been a member for thirty days. Just click on the Art tab within the student login. Even if he doesn't like art, he will probably like this . . . because it's more learning about art concepts and less doing art (unless he chooses to really get in to the "doing" part).

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    I know the 7th grade Science is a mix of cartoon and human, but for some reason my child struggles with it. Social Studies is just dry and boring so we switched to Khan Academy for SS and Math because Math was not working for her in T4L system.
    LA we are kicking it out and she is doing great. I don't understand how they did the subjects so different therefore I have a hard time understanding why my child does so well in one subject and not the other. We are actually going to try a different system next year.

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