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    Ok, so my first suggestion, is create a board within the forum just for "suggestions" It's a basic thing you see in pretty much all forums

    My second is that withing the parent login when you are looking at your childs portfolio, it would be great to either have a "notes" section there where we can put notes such as if my child doesn't get my required 80% on a quiz, but he was close and we just went over the answers and explained the concept and he "corrected" his mistake, I could put in there "corrected mistakes to 100% or whatever (right now I'm printing and writing everything, but I'm worried I'll lose them) or maybe in the reports section have a spot for notes. I get that he can "retake" the quiz, but if he gets the concept and he just missed a question due to carelessness on addition/subtration etc and he can't "correct" without retaking an entire quiz, it makes them feel like there is much more work than there is.

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    Hi! Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts.

    Time4Learning leases curriculum developed by Compass Learning. Because Time4Learning isn't the developer of the curriculum, there are limits to what they can change themselves. Feedback is shared with the developer.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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