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    Default T4L Chat

    I see a link up top for T4L Chat... I can't for the life of me remember that being there. Is this new?

    I clicked on it and it told told me I had been banned. *giggle* I actually felt ashamed....

    So what gives? Are we going to have a live chat around here soon?

    -- Anita

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    Default Re: T4L Chat

    There were some scheduled live chats awhile back that weren't very well attended. The original plan was to have a weekly chat. When that didn't work out, we left the chat function anyway, in case people on the board want to use it. Anyone is free to schedule a chat and invite others at a certain time, or to just post, "Meet me in the chat room!"

    The board is busier now. Maybe we should try live chats again. What do you all think?

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