T4L Day 2 review and question.
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    Cool T4L Day 2 review and question.

    I wrote a little review of our day 2 experience with T4L on my blog today. If anyone is interested.


    I can't say I have the ideal day down yet, so I will keep tweaking to see how a schedule might work best in our family.

    But I do have some comments and a couple questions.

    My daughter took a math quiz today at the end of her lesson. It covered sequencing numbers (ordering numbers). (2nd grade)
    Throughout the lesson they taught to order the numbers from least to greatest. (This was repeatedly re-enforced throughout the lesson.)

    However, when she came to the test, there was a quick play on words and they reversed it -and asked for the sequence to be from greatest to least. (Which I feel is perfectly acceptable if you teach both ways, and have the children looking to see which one you are asking for.) But in this case I really felt like the test was purposely trying to trick her. Since it had not previously mentioned it.

    Can someone comment on this? Should I continue to expect this sort of thing? The very least they could have done was perhaps highlight the words and then say "this is a little different, listen closely to the question.

    Also I was wondering why the program won't allow the text to be read in Social Studies and Science. (It seems these places would need it just as much as in LA.)
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    Hi, Michelle. I'll head over to read your review in just a minute. I'm looking forward to it!

    Time4Learning provides lessons in a variety of formats. Once the student reaches the text-based lessons in third grade, you can install Natural Reader to have the science and social studies lessons read to them. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with the animated Flash lessons in second grade. I have enjoyed sitting with my kids to help them through the science and social studies lessons because they're short and fun. You might consider checking out the first grade science, too. Those lessons will be read aloud to your student and it's fine for her to start there. I like to have my kids go through the first and second grade science and social studies lessons several times, since there are so few of them. Beginning in third grade, science and social studies are complete programs, but they are only supplementary in first and second grade.

    HOWEVER . . . the first and second grade language arts extensions are all built around science or social studies themes, so the kids additional science/social studies there. I've found it to be more than enough for my first and second graders, along with reading story books about animals, rocks, George Washington, etc.

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    i'll be honest with you, michelle, i have not looked at 2nd grade in about a year, but could it be like a challenge question? maybe give us the lesson number and one of us can go back and review it ....

    kelly has really great responses for all things sci and ss, so i'm going to let her handle that.

    for the most part, don't stress about having the system down right away. we've been on t4l for 2 years now, and i still tweak and change things.
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