Is T4L math all we need?
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    Default Is T4L math all we need?

    Hi. New HSing nervous mom here. Wondering if you all feel the math portion is complete enough to be used alone. (I realize we will need extra drill practice on math facts). But I am worried that my students won't get enough practice on each lesson or maybe that they will just forget it once they move on. I am used to them doing a spiral type math curriculum. What do you all think?

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    My math-challenged kids do fine. I make sure they do the worksheets, too. I sit with the younger kids during math, but I don't need to add my own comments very often.

    It's sort of a myth that mastery programs provide no review. Although there isn't continual review, like in a spiral program, there is review from year to year. Also, students are constantly reviewing the basic four operations, because they are needed for other concepts. For example, a student who is learning how to figure the area of a figure will also be reviewing multiplication, without even realizing it.

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