Hello everyone,
I have been using T4L since my daughter was in pre-school, about 3 years ago. Loved it from the start. She excelled, did well in school and we even used the program through the school year as a supplement to whatever she was doing in school. Over school breaks and over the summer we used the program to keep her mind sharp. It worked wonders. This year we found out we were moving and our summer became a big to-do. We have a college bound student, a 15 y.o. and a 2.5 y.o. Needless to say we were tired of everything that was going on and chose to take a complete summer break. Aside from what little math they get from helping me cook and playing monopoly all my kids engaged in was reading, playing and doing.. well, doing nothing really.

Why am I going into all this? Because I truly regret not keeping the program going all summer long. I tested her tonight to see where her skills were and she could not remember simple math. It took her a while to get all back and I'm sure she's not all there yet. I have requested the reactivation of our account so that she can start practicing again and hopefully catch up with so much time lost.

I'm not a home schooler but I complete believe that education begins at home. Since I can't change the past, I will learn from my mistake and not do that again. As soon as the account is active Natalie will begin with second grade curriculum. She's a bright little girl and I am confident she will soon be back up to speed.

Don't do what I did. Stay with it all year long. There should be no break in learning. Try to make it fun, simple, portable, and present the work in short sessions so it does not seem like work. I do like the idea of earning something fun for time spent learning. In my house we love to play the WiiFit - I have some seriously competitive kids trying to beat my hula hoop scores.

Have a great weekend everyone.