Teacher materials or lesson plans?
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    Default Teacher materials or lesson plans?

    I'm seriously stressed out. My son is not understanding the explanations and video in the chapter 2 second grade Math on fractions. Am I missing something or is the accompanying teacher material that I need to read and go over with him to help him retain and understand the material? Or should I use outside resources. We use or base curriculum as t4l with some neurodevelopmental feedback classes and history. Thinking of dropping t4l and using Saxon for math. Any advice?

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    Hi! Time4Learning and Saxon are very different. Some people use them both. Here's an article about that. Saxon Math and Time4Learning

    Are you using the worksheets? They're available within the scope and sequence/lesson plans in your parent login (along with answer keys). My own kids definitely needed the worksheets along with the online lessons.

    Finally, remember that any activity can be done more than once.

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