Teaching your child a second language
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    Default Teaching your child a second language


    I know I posted this on another thread, but this particular thread has more people and I might possibly get more input

    I've talked to some families and they believe that not teaching your child your native language, would actually be beneficial to them. The reasoning is that if your child just knows English, and talks at home and to you only in English, rather than in Polish for example, will actually allow them to succeed more in the future socially. This would be because others in Canada and the USA for example would believe you are 100% an English native speaker.

    I personally believe the more languages the better..

    What are your thoughts on this?

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    There are so many Spanish speaking people in our area that I chose to teach my kids Spanish. It gives them an edge when applying for jobs, too. Many of the jobs in our local paper ask for bilingual English/Spanish applicants.

    I do think learning a second language helps with understanding grammar, too.

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