Test & Quizzes in 7th grade math?
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    Default Test & Quizzes in 7th grade math?

    My daughter is currently enrolled in the sixth grade math but is quickly moving past. I was looking at the seventh grade math topics and noticed there didn't appear to be the quizzes and tests for each chapter and for the end of the year. Are these missing because she isn't currently enrolled in the 7th grade math or are they just not in the 7th and 8th grade maths? She is moving quickly through the math and my plan was to use the quizzes and tests to check before she moved onto to the next level.

    Is prealgebra part of the 8th grade math or is it a separate course like the algebra is?

    Thanks ahead of time for your input!
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    You are probably accustomed to the words "Quiz" or "Test" appearing beneath what I like to call the "Bubbles" as your child progresses through the curriculum. (The "Bubbles" are those little circles that tell your child what to do next. They are also where a checkmark appears when the Lesson Activity is completed.)

    In much of seventh and eighth grade math, a quiz will be a bubble itself. They are clearly marked "Quiz", though. You can see this if you sign in as your child and temporarily change his grade level to seventh grade, like this. Then, click on the topic "Number Systems". Select "Exponents". You will see that there are three "Bubbles" (or Lesson Activities) under "Exponents", and one of them is a quiz. (Viewing this will not affect your child's reports.)

    There are also a few lessons scattered throughout the seventh grade and eighth grade math programs with the quizzes and tests located where you are accustomed to finding them.

    Algebra concepts are incorporated into the main curriculum, starting in first grade. They are not always clearly marked "Algebra" (or pre-algebra).

    The separate Algebra course actually begins with pre-algebra and progresses through Algebra One. See info here.

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