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    This is our first year homeschooling and my husband is wondering if there is a way to Test the kids to make sure they are really doing ok.

    Is there a test to make sure they are on grade level? Actually I have one I feel I should move up to next grade but scared to do so.


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    There are several standardized tests that may be given to homeschooled students. Many states require periodic standardized testing of homeschoolers. The California Achievement Test (CAT) and the Iowa Test of Basic Skills are two popular options.

    If you just want results for your own information, you can search online for "standardized achievement tests". There are some inexpensive options . . . and some very expensive ones, so be cautious.

    If your state requires testing, check with your school district and find out what other homeschoolers in your area do to comply with the requirements. There are usually independent, private testers available who will come to your home. Some private schools also allow homeschoolers to take part in the annual testing of their students if they pay for the test.

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