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    i know many have ask the same question. how do i get the timer going???? i am really frustrated at this point! i have read and reread, logged in as parent, clicked on the parent icon and i set the timer to 20 min, 15 min, anything to see if something happened. i put in my password, i change the time before, after and during my sons lessons and i still get 0. the support group has emailed me options(the basic and most obvious things to do), all of which i have done over and over with no results. All I keep seeing is the big ZERO on the top corner. Of course when my son wants to access the play ground he gets a rapid tease flash and the goodbye from Ed. Mouse. It's been about 3 days of this. Can someone help? I am using safari.

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    Did Support know which browser you are using? The playground does not run well with your browser. Here is a previous thread regarding the issue.

    Because not all users experience the same issues, it is difficult to identify the problem. No program is 100% compatible with all possible browsers, but Time4Learning is trying!

    Do you have the option of using Internet Explorer?

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