Tracking progress- need help please!!
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    Default Tracking progress- need help please!!

    We just started T4L and I am trying to figure things out that aren't included in the getting started.
    Basically, when I see how my DD is doing and it appears she has a low grade interspersed throughout the report, how do I determine if this is a consistent area of need, if she just rushed, what EXACTLY the concept is and then how do I "work" on it with her?

    I see "how" she is doing, but cant figure out the concept overall, the why she does or doesn't do well (sloppy?) and what I do to help her in that area...

    Any feedback would be great!


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    I would pay attention, first, to the tests. If the test scores are good, then she is probably understanding the material.

    If she gets a poor test score, take a look at the associated lessons. Is she getting poor scores on those? If so, look at how much time she is spending on each one. If you aren't sure if the amount of time she spends is appropriate, run through one of the lessons yourself, but don't mark it as complete, so your work doesn't appear on her reports.

    She can repeat any lesson that she does poorly on as many times as necessary.

    I have found it helpful to sit with my kids while they do their lessons once in a while . . . very seldom, for the older kids, but I still do it occasionally. In that way, you can see if they are rushing, skimming the material, really reading the test questions or "guessing", etc.

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