Typing in 2nd Grade?
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    Default Typing in 2nd Grade?

    I'm new to T4L and so far we all LOVE it. What a great way to learn and what a blessing for us parents.

    My son is in second grade and I was quite surprised to see that he is required to type in story titles and sentences for Language Arts. If this is required, is there a basic typing lesson anywhere on T4L? It takes him forever to peck out these things one letter at a time and most of the time he is stumped as to how to capitalize, find punctuation etc.

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    Actually, at this age, pecking his titles out one letter at a time IS "typing lessons". You will be surprised at how soon he knows where to look on the keyboard for certain letters. Don't worry whether he uses the correct fingers yet.

    Don't worry about capitalization and punctuation until he is comfortable knowing when to use them. That usually takes practice beyond second grade. The point is to think about how to use words to communicate ideas . . . not necessarily to get the mechanics right just yet.

    When you think he's ready, there are a lot of computer programs to teach typing, and many are free. At this stage, I would separate typing skills from language skills. A second grader has a hard time concentrating on both at the same time.

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    My second grader practices typing with Garfield Typing Pal. I don't think it's too soon. My 9 year old types about 30 words per minute. I agree that hunting and pecking helps them a bit because they start to remember where the letters are and it doesn't take too long. My 7 year old doesn't usually capitalize. She knows how, but it slows her down. Sometimes she'll do it if she thinks about it. I don't bug her about it too much.

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    I purchased and download a few different typing "tutor" programs over the years. None of these were really interesting or fun for my son and he usually only did it a couple of times. However, at 13, he is actually a pretty fast typist! This is just teaching himself by using the computer a lot (including for lessons), playing games, and by wanting to type as fast as he hears me typing (I'm a loud and fast typist LOL). He doesn't type exactly the way people teach you to type, but it works for him. I am a self-taught typist as well from when I was a child and have my own method. Just get your son to keep using the keyboard and you will be amazed at how quickly he speeds up and learns.
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