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    I feel like a dolt. I check my child's reports weekly, but I have yet to garner from the reports if my child is completing a day's worth of assignments for each day of the school week. Is there an option on there that I am missing or am I really as lost as I feel? I do not stand over my child as she works as I have other children to which I tend their learning.

    I'm sorry if this is a basic question, but my previous experience is with another software that emailed me daily with my child's progress. I would have continued with that software if they covered my oldest child's needs but sadly they stop around 4th grade.

    Thank you in advance for your responses,
    mom to 3 girls1boy

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    You are probably confused because Time4Learning allows the parent to decide what constitutes a "day's worth of work". I divide the number of lesson activities in a subject by the number of days in our school year to get an idea of how many activities my student must do per day in each subject. Then, I say something like, "Do one math, two language arts, one language extension, two science, and one social studies per day" or some other appropriate amount if work.

    When looking at the reports, be sure you are checking the actual Reports tab and not the Recent Work tab. The program defaults to Recent Work, so that can be confusing. You can then see exactly what your child has completed that day and how much time was spent on each thing.

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