Using T4L as a complete curriculum?
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    Default Using T4L as a complete curriculum?

    Hi! I'm new to T4L and I'm wondering how others use the site for their core curriculum?


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    Default Re: Using T4L as a complete curriculum?

    Hi and welcome!!

    This is our 2nd yr of homeschooling and 2nd year of T4L!
    Last year we used T4L and only T4L. I didnt have time to work things out, we were accidental and it was all new.
    This year we use T4L for our core and I have added free reading, writing, and States research. Last year I bought the book, Everything Your Child Needs to Know for 6th Grade and compared it to T4L's curriculum and T4L had everything listed!!! So, I know it is complete!!! I just wanted more hands on stuff this year and to work on writing, etc. so I did add stuff.
    That is the great part of T4L, it is a complete curriculum and if you do not have time or energy to add more.... you dont have too!

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    Default Re: Using T4L as a complete curriculum?

    I just started homeschooling this year for my 8th grade son, and we are using t4l as our core curriculum. Ne requires Health class, so I did needed to get that. I chose Horizons Health for 7-8th grade to use. I also checked the classes offered through what our local public school teaches (where he has attended the last 7 grades), and t4l met and sometimes even exceeded what was taught. There were a few science classes I thought we might need to do over what t4l uses, so I have the lifepac science curriculum for 7-8 (both book classes I got, I ordered used, so did not have to spend much).
    For the required hours required for school in NE, we are using unit studies that we have set up at home. Free computer classes online, Bookadventure for reading, etc etc.
    But t4l is a great and thorough curriculum that can be used solely for homeschooling without additions, depending on your state requirements!
    Good Luck!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by jeswa View Post
    Hi! I'm new to T4L and I'm wondering how others use the site for their core curriculum?

    When I started this year (4th grade) I was cautious about T4L and planned to use it as a supplementary system. I had the Life of Fred math books, which I still use, I subscribed to Flocabulary and had put together my own language arts curriculum from various sources plus had book reports planned for the year, created my own science and social studies, and I added Spanish and music. Now it is about halfway through the year and I now use T4L more than anything else. I still do separate world language but I am using the science, social studies, language arts and math every single day. I still do Life of Fred in addition to the T4L math and I often seek out movies and extras that coincide with science and social studies but I do think I would consider T4L to be complete. You can add if you want to but it has enough to be considered complete, IMO.

    I put more about what I do on my homeschool blog.

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