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    I use Time 4 Learning with both of my children. Currently I'm using a lap top and my IPad with the program daily. We make it through each day but sometimes it's difficult for my daughter who uses my iPad. I know all about the flash problem with the iPad and have downloaded several flash enabled browers so that the program will work properly. It still not running very smoothly. Some daydream my poor daughter gets kicked out of her lesson and every day she has problems with the audio. I know its not the program because my sone is on the same lesson using my laptop and doesn't have any problems. So here is my question. I've decided that we either need another laptop or possibly a windows based tablet. Is anyone using the windows based tablet, "The Surface" ? If so, what has your experience been? Are there any issues with Time 4 Learning working on the windows based tablet? I really would like to get a tablet as oppose to a lap top if possible. Thanks for your help.

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    I just wondered what you guys decided? We are in the same boat as you guys......

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