Ut Oh! State Standards span from materials covered from 4th to 7th levels.
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    Default Ut Oh! State Standards span from materials covered from 4th to 7th levels.

    I have been going through the S.C. State Standards to be sure what we are covering is what my daughter may be tested on when she tests to go back to school next year for middle school. In looking through this it looks like a good bit of the Science is covered in the 4th level and most other subjects are in the 5th (she is in the 5th grade). However, I just looked up the Social Studies and after the Civil War Reconstruction they jump to the Cold War.

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    Standard 5-5: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the social, economic, and political events that influenced the United States during the Cold War era.

    5-5.1 Explain the advancement of the civil rights movement in the United States, including key events and people: desegregation of the armed forces, Brown v. Board of Education, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X. (P, G, H)

    5-5.2 Explain the course of the Cold War, including differing economic and political philosophies of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the United States, the spread of Communism, McCarthyism, the Korean Conflict, the Berlin Wall, the space race, the Cuban missile crisis, and the Vietnam War. (P, G, E, H)

    I went through to look at where these were covered and I found them on the 7th level. T4L only covers 3 levels at a time though so I'm kind of lost as to what to do here. I thought about doing the activity finder codes but I would like her to be able to do the quizes and tests.

    The only thing I can think of, and please give me other options if you can think of them, is to do as much as we need to do in the 4th level and then switch to the 6th grade level later in the year to cover the higher level areas. I think after we are finished with the Living Things Unit, we will be able to move on past the 4th level alltogether. Am I right that we will be able to change levels later on in the year in order to be able to access the 7th level?

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    You can change levels as often and as many times as you need to.

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