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    I want to view my childrens' lessons before they do them. I do not want to log-in as my child in order to do so. I do not want to complete one of their lessons in order to do so. I want to see an overview of the lesson itself from my log-in. Is that possible?

    Also, I would like to see what they are needing to read in the extension LA lessons. Are they going to be assigned pages to read or will they need the entire book? Where can I find these books? Do I need to just search Amazon, or does Time4Learning have a discounted rate for buying them?

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    The student lessons can't be previewed from the parent login (except in preschool). To preview a lesson, you must log in as your student and access the lesson . . . but do not complete it. Instead, use this way of exiting a lesson. (In the text-based lessons, just don't click the hand in button on the final page.) That will keep your preview from appearing in your student's reports.

    Most of the language arts reading material is provided online, as part of the program. There are a few necessary books. Lists of these books can be found in the right sidebar after you have logged in as a parent. Note that there are very few required books. Most of the books on the lists are simply suggestions for additional reading on the topic being studied. When a "paper" book is required, the student is assigned pages and ends up reading the entire book. Not all "required" books will be available. It is fine to skip literature units that require an unavailable book. Most teachers will choose a couple of literature units to assign from those available.

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