We started back into T4L this week!
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    Default We started back into T4L this week!

    We re-enrolled on 11/27 and started the same day. So, 4 days back and what a relief. Doodlebug just doesn't given me nearly as much trouble with T4L as he does with things that I put together thinking that they will be more fun, interesting, and/or challenging. He just wants to get it done and a program that is completed is always superior to one that is not!

    Also, he may end up in brick and mortar school next year or the TN online public school. If that happens, I like that we will have some documentation for what he has completed. I have him enrolled through our umbrella as a 5th grader, but he misses the TN cut-off by a couple of weeks. Since I would want him to be a grade ahead of the age cut-off, any documentation that he has completed grade 5 curriculum is bound to help. We'll see.

    I am thinking that we will also enroll in Time4Writing after Christmas!

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    Welcome back! I remember you!

    One of my kids just finished a Time4Writing course. They're great; I know you'll love them. We'll start another one after our holiday break, too.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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