week 9 of T4L UPDATE
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Thread: week 9 of T4L UPDATE

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    Default week 9 of T4L UPDATE

    Hi home school parents/guardians,
    We are currently at week 9 of doing T4L and I thought I would give a little hello to all of you. I haven't had much time to browse the forum since starting but I'm going to try to skim through it more often when I can.

    My daughter is very much enjoying the online experience since starting with T4L so we have stuck with it. I like that at anytime we can stop, pause and restart. We haven't done that yet but the option being available is nice that we aren't contracted into any time period.

    There are things about the subjects I have disliked. I noticed some of the lessons lack a full explanation of what they are teaching at times. And some subjects will explain something over and over and over and over (in numerous lessons it will repeat what was just in the last lesson). And then in other subjects it will go quickly over something without repeating and just jump to the next topic with very little learning. This is where I will explain further and we will have to practice offline so I know my daughter actually understands before we continue. i do also wish there was an option directly on T4L for a lesson to be read to her but I just read it with her instead.

    But more importantly the things we LIKE. Every curriculum is going to have pros and cons and I really have more pros with T4L and if anyone needs to start with home schooling and isn't sure how, I would tell them to give T4L a try. I like that T4L has many ways to organize the lessons that are not just my way, but I can print out what is to be done in the weekly lesson plan and my husband and daughter can follow along easily too. I like that it grades for me and I can go back to lessons with my daughter to learn what she may have not understood the first time around. There is no pressure either way. and we can work at the best pace for her and even review easily with the lesson/chapter set up. I like that there is some animation with the lessons. I'm sure those will eventually disappear as she goes up in grade levels. I hope that T4L has other ways to keep it interesting at the higher levels. and there is much more I like but I don't want to keep rambling on and on and bore you all

    so that is our update. Thanks for reading!
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    Hi! Thanks for the "evaluation"! It's great to read what you like and the things you wish were different.

    The animation thins out some, but there's some silly stuff to keep things entertaining . . . even in the high school lessons.
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