What is considered a 'basic' education?
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    Default What is considered a 'basic' education?

    My daughter is 13 in 7th grade, but is VERY far behind in all subjects due to many situations. I am now wanting to teach only the 'basics' of education, so she can get caught up quickly to grade level, but I'm not sure what is included in 'basic' education? Thanks!

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    There is no clear answer to your question. You could ask ten people and get ten different answers.

    If your child can't read well, and understand what she is reading, I would certainly begin there.

    Understanding addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division . . . and how they relate to each other . . . is also a basic skill.

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    While I hesitate to respond because I don't know too many details about your situation, this is what I would do:

    Since I use Time4Learning and it is pretty efficient compared to conventional school, if I thought my kids were behind I would first dial their grade level back one or more levels. Then I would have them spend up to 4 hours a day (still less than regular school) going lesson by lesson. If they scored 80% or above, I would let them keep going, if they scored less I would sit down one on one and do a more intensive hands on lesson about the topic until mastered.

    If the situations that held her back are no longer ongoing, but in the past, perhaps she can make fairly quick progress in getting caught up. Of course, this might not work if you are trying to make a particular deadline like having her in regular school next year since there is no exact timeframe.

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