What is a "daily activity" considered?
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    Question What is a "daily activity" considered?

    For instance, my son's math says he needs 4 daily activities per day. Does this mean he needs to get through 4 quizes a day or does each little thing he clicks on count even if it's not a quiz?

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    Default Re: What is a "daily activity" considered?

    Each little icon is a lesson activity (each little thing he clicks, even if it isn't a quiz).

    It might help to understand how the subjects are arranged.

    Clicking on a subject icon (such as math or language arts) is like opening a textbook. You will be brought to a page of icons that represent chapters in the textbook.

    Clicking on a chapter icon brings you to a page of icons that represent lessons in that chapter.

    Clicking on a lesson icon brings you to a page of icons that represent lesson activities in that lesson. (THAT is what the planner counts as an activity.)

    Clicking on a lesson activity icon brings you to an activity to do.

    If navigating without using the Activity Finder, your student should click on a subject icon and then simply click on the first un-checked icon on each page, until he reaches an activity. If he is going to do more than one activity in a subject, he starts the process again.

    The only exception is that he must remember whether he did a quiz or not, as quizzes don't get checked off. Tell him to pretend there is a checkmark on any quiz he has already done.

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