What, exactly, is the "lesson code"?
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    Default What, exactly, is the "lesson code"?

    I have noticed that, in the 6th grade math lesson plans, the "Lesson Codes" are not in numerical order. And in all 6th grade lesson plans, some chapters appear to have lesson code numbers missing. I had assumed the lesson code numbers indicated the order in which to complete the lessons, but now I am not sure. (That's what I get for assuming.)

    By the way, we are still LOVING T4L. I researched a lot of homeschool curriculum options over several months and some of the annual tuitions (thousands of hard earned American dollars) would CURL YOUR HAIR! It took me a long time to actually join T4L because the cost is so low that I was convinced it was a sham used to put a few dollars in someone's pocket each month. Live and learn, huh!? (OK, I got off track a little, so I'll shut up now.)

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    They are not always in order. That is because Time4Learning's curriculum is constantly growing. As new things are added, they are placed in a sequence where they make the most sense in relation to other lessons.

    Those preparing a curriculum often work from a numbered list of topics that need to be covered. Two companies might both be working from the same list, but the lesson plans they come up with would be in an entirely different order. One company might feel a student should study all of the addition first, followed by all of the subtraction and then all of the multiplication. Another company might prefer to offer beginning addition first, followed by beginning subtraction, then more advanced addition concepts and more advanced subtraction concepts before tackling multiplication.

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