What kind of Transcripts will I have when ready to reenroll into the public schools?
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    Default What kind of Transcripts will I have when ready to reenroll into the public schools?

    So I have had trouble recently with my local school system, and had some disagrements as to where my actual residency was. So I was unable to register them in the school they had attended since kindergarten. I chose to homeschool temperarily until this issue was resolved, and we chose time 4 learning. I have been homeschooling with this program since august, and am now ready to enroll my kids back into the public school system, but at another school district. What kind of transcripts can i get to take to the school to show what my children have accomlished and learned these past months? How can I request them, and/or find them? I need evidence that my children didnt just sit around for the last 7 or 8 months and play video games. Please let me lknow how i can find the information i will need to provide the school for my children. they will be starting their new school thursday, and though the price is great, i cant afford to keep paying if they will no longer be using the program, but i am afriad to stop if theres something i need to do as a member to access those records and transcripts first.

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    Do print any reports you will need before canceling your membership. Your reports should be available until the end of the billing period, but better safe than sorry!

    What you will need depends on your school district. You might be surprised to find that they aren't interested in anything besides the student's age and the fact that they've been homeschooled. Others might insist on some documentation but, if your student isn't yet in high school, and you've been following the homeschool rules in your state, you can probably manage to get him or her registered without providing anything. Really, what you choose to provide is a courtesy to the school (and sometimes can help a teacher get to know your student's abilities). Schools often enroll students while waiting for records from a previous school . . . and sometimes those records never arrive.

    If you do want to prepare something:

    Go to your student's Portfolio, where you can specify the kind of report you want. I would print one report for each subject, that covers the entire time he worked with Time4Learning. Look within the reports for links to printable quizzes and tests. You might want to print some of those, too.

    Gather any worksheets your student completed.

    Now, sign in as a parent and print a Letter of Enrollment for your student.


    Good luck with your re-enrollment.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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