WHere are the classroom instructional videos that I saw on the odyssey site?
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    Default WHere are the classroom instructional videos that I saw on the odyssey site?

    On the odyssey site they had videos that taught the kids how to do math problems and other things. I am not seeing those videos in my panels or my child's panel. Is there a way to be able to watch those videos. There are some topics that I am not good at teaching and I thought i would have access to videos that would help teach those topics. Please advise.

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    omimexico, if you are referring to videos of live teachers giving lectures (not cartoons or animated characters), I think you were probably looking at the high school level. Most of the high school lessons feature this type of lecture.

    From K-8, the lessons are presented in a game format, by animated characters, or via interactive text (where you click on words to hear them defined or pronounced). These lessons do not assume the student already knows the material and just needs practice. The lessons actually teach each concept, before proceeding to assessments. If you are seeing lessons that assume your student already knows something, please access similar lessons at a lower level. You can look at the lesson plans/scope and sequence to see when each concept is introduced.

    Although you might sometimes need to clarify or explain something to your student, the program should do the actual teaching for you.

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