Where are the fun lessons??
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    We just joined T4L today. We joined to supplement science & social studies. I was excited about T4L because the cute characters appealed to my daughter & also offered visual, auditory (they talked!) & kinesthetic way of learning. (3rd grade) I was very disappointed to find that the lessons are actually not like the demos?? We started with science - 1st topic - science investigations. How boring that she had to read the entire page?? She got through it, but it wasn't at all what I expected. How do you find the lessons with the talking characters? Why aren't they used for the science & social studies? Is there a way to get it to talk or speak the lesson? She is using a Windows XP computer with Safari as the browser. I have a Mac with Safari. Please help. I would prefer not to have to find yet another Sci & SS program.

    Thanks for the help...really hoping to be a part of the T4L community!

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    Time4Learning provides lessons in a variety of formats. My own kids like this much more than other online programs we've tried, which were exciting at first but quickly became monotonous, because all of the lessons looked the same.

    In Time4Learning, all of the core language arts lessons, as well as the lower level language arts extensions, science, and social studies are animated. The majority of math lessons are animated or highly interactive.

    While much of the upper level science, social studies, and language arts extensions are text-based, they are still interactive. There are small animations to activate, words to click on to hear defined or pronounced, and activities with immediate "Correct" or "Incorrect" feedback. My children really appreciate these interactive, text-based lessons when compared to textbooks.

    Seventh grade social studies is a really well-designed combination of animation and text. That format has been one of my family's favorites.

    Students who have reading difficulties or who are simply auditory learners often use Natural Reader to have the lessons read aloud to them.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    I've used the natural reader for my auditory learner. He seems to like it and the download is free.

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    Hi, we just joined, as well. My third grader can read, but he tires of it quickly. I was also disappointed that the science had so much text. I tried downloading the suggested reader, but we are on a Mac. I'm not very good with computers, but as I understand it, it is only for computers running Windows. Is that right? I think for now, I will just read the science text with him.

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