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    Exclamation Where to start???

    I have with drawn my 6th grade daughter from public school. I have enrolled in T4L and was wondering with so few weeks left in the school year where do I start her at? Do I try and start her at a point that was similar to where she already was in school so she doesn't feel frustrated if we are repeating things she already knows? I am totally unsure of what to do. There are only about 13 weeks left in this school year. I have two still in public school so I would like to keep her on the same school calendar as them. Any advice from parents who have started out well into the school year? I am feeling a bit overwhelmed here is an example of why I ask. There are 496 math lessons for her grade. She would have to do an average of 38 math lessons a week which averages to 7-8 a day to complete the entire course. That seems like a daunting task to me. My ears and eyes are open to suggestions!

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    Well, there could be several ways to approach this. First, I would wonder why she was taken out of public school. Was she having academic issues? If so, I'd give special attention to making sure there are no gaps that need to be filled. Perhaps you could start giving her only the quizzes from the beginning of her grade and work forward. If she does well, keep going. With this manner, you could do several quizzes a day and speed through the year. If you find a gap in her learning, go back and have her do the lessons. Does that make sense?

    If she wasn't having any academic difficulties, I would compare the scope and sequence to what she was doing and just finish the undone items.

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