where are the test?
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    Default where are the test?

    Hi, we have been using T4L for about a month now, and I notice that in the lesson plans, there are supposed to be tests at the end of the chapters, however, my son, in 4th grade, has no scores for tests. None of the assignments are incomplete according to the keys...how come the tests are not appearing?

    My dd has been doing the 3rd grade curriculum, and some of the quiz scores have registered for her, but again, no tests.

    what are we doing wrong?

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    Some subjects (core language arts and 4th-6th math) have the assessments integrated as part of the program. They won't show up as quizzes on the reports, but you can identify them as such by looking at the lesson plans, where they are labeled as quizzes.

    Other subjects have "Test" or "Quiz" icons at the bottom of the icon page on your student's launchpad. Your students needs to remember to do the quiz immediately upon completing a page of icons.

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