Why wait for message approval?
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    Default Why wait for message approval?

    I'm simply wondering why do I have to wait for every one of my posts in the forum to be approved?

    We are all adults here, and I doubt that any of us want to cause harm to the forums, why can't my posts be posted immediately?
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    Everyone is on Moderation through their first 3 posts. It is to make sure it is an actual person doing the posting not one of the many automated bots that the spammers use to post their porn links to forums.

    While we regret the need for doing it this way it is done to keep the forum on topic and safe for all. You have been off of moderation since your 3rd post.

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    Harold explained the need for moderation quite well. It is meant to safeguard against spammers, not to punish anyone here. Being a moderator on this forum I can attest to these porn posts that Harold mentioned. I have had to delete a few of these myself. You would not want to have to read some of this stuff, or to have your child accidentally see it on your computer monitor.

    It's a bit of an inconvenience waiting for your posts to be approved but the good news is that it's only your first few posts that require approval. After that, you can post away!

    BTW, welcome to the forum urbanmom!

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