Will this be too much for kids that go to public school also?
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    Default Will this be too much for kids that go to public school also?

    My boys are in 2nd and 3rd grade and my daughter will start K next year. I just signed them all up for T4L. I am debating Homeschooling. We just moved to California in August (need I say more? lol)

    Anyway.......... Will school AND T4L be too much work? Both of my boys are "advanced" at school. I'd like it to stay that way so that when we move to a different state, they will at least be average. (dh is military.)

    For those of you that do this in addition to "regular school" do you have some sort of routine?

    Is T4L a good Homeschool only curriculum, if we decide to go that route?

    Thanks in advance for an advice!!!

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    Many members use Time4Learning as a supplement to traditional school. You will probably not do quite as much as if you were homeschooling and you might not do it every day. You can either proceed sequentially or use the lesson plans to choose activities to supplement what your child is studying in school. You can do lessons out of order or skip some entirely.

    Many families, including my own, use Time4Learning as their core homeschool curriculum. We all add various things to accomodate our own child's needs or interests, such as penmanship, free reading, journaling, foreign language, etc.

    Welcome! We would enjoy knowing how you've incorporated Time4Learning into your school day.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    We are a military family as well. Originally, we used T4L as afterschooling material, but we now homeschool exclusively and T4L is our main resource. Whether it is overwhelming for your children to work on two separate curriculums depends on them.

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    agreeing with the others above (because sometimes you can't have TOO much reassurance lol)

    lots of parents find that letting their children do the T4L along with their schooling helps the children understand the information a little better. it allows them to see it presented in a different fashion than what their teacher gives it to them. which really helps if they don't understand what their teacher is saying. also, if you think of like long division, or fractions, it will give them a little extra practice ... and who DOESN'T need extra help with fractions?! lol

    if you do choose to homeschool, T4L is an AMAZING curriculum. like kelly, we add things too ... but the stuff that we add is like bible study, journaling, and stuff that my son is interested in. we do a lot of "the world around us" kind of things. we choose to add those things because my son has an unending curiosity that we've had to fill somehow! (that and i think that beyond everything else that they can learn, reading and writing are far more important skills to master)

    a note on military families ... since our family made the choice to homeschool, and i've been participating in boards, discussion groups, etc ... i've found LOTS of military families. to them, it seems easier to have that one constant and they don't have to get used to new teachers, or try and figure out what level they're at. even tho their house changes, the language changes, their friends change, their school NEVER does. nice to have one consistency.

    and ... thank you for your service!! we <3 military families!!

    hope that helps you out, keep us updated on what you decide to do!!!
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    I think next fall, I will use time4learning as well as sending her back to public school. (that's only a thought for now lol She is missing her friends at her old public school, she still stays in contact with a couple of the little girls, but would like to see them everyday at school. She however is struggling in math and a little in reading. I worry about sending her back, but have to question myself when she ask me if she can go back to be with her friends. I pulled her out in second grade because of her needing additional help with her reading. She is in third grade and reading on her level for the most part. I had her tested and they said her weakness is in math. Overall maybe a grade level below where she should be. What's a mom to do?? I have terrible migraines and there are days that I just don't feel like doing this. I don't want to be a bad mom, and am really praying that I will make the right decision to send her back or keep her at home. (Praying hard!)

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