A few Time4Learning members have asked if we would post pictures of their children on the website. In fact, many of the pictures on our website came to us from members although many are also of our own children.

To accommodate the increasing number of requests, we will create a Members Gallery. If you send in a picture, well try (time permitting) to add it to the gallery. The picture needs to be a reasonably clear picture. The child does need to be on the computer but we do like it better if the child appears at least cheerful.

If you'd like your child's picture, please email it in to support at Time4Learning.com.

Fine print:
1. By sending in your picture (preferably by email), you are granting Time4Learning a permanent royalty-free
right to use the picture in any way on our web site or in other materials.

2. We will NOT use the childrens real name on the site and while we will try to keep the right quotes with the right children, we do not accept any liability if we excerpt quotes or use quotes from one family with another familys picture.

3. We make no suggestion or commitment that we will put it up. We don't return pictures