I love time4learning so does my girls. You don't have to go how I did it but I thought this would be helpfull for new homeschooler. I love the activity scheduler which I go on to find out what work my girls should get done for the week. I have a notebook per child. It help me to figure out for the week and keep track of what they are doing. I look at the activity scheduler figure out what work they need to do. Well actual you have to ask yourself how long do you want for a school year for your child that what you have to figure for me I realize a year for school usually nine mths. So I start the day you are working on it. Then the end is go nine mths ahead. Then the activity scheduler figure out how many items per week you child need to do. And thankfully you can save that scheduler so you can come back to it. Every week or print it out. For me its easier to come back each week to either print out that week or write it down on a notebook. Which for me write it out. So I can write it how I want it so I can understand better. I also figure out what print worksheet that child needs to do. Which for me its easier to do it a week by week so I won't have so many papers to keep track of. Speaking about keeping track of the worksheets after my child gets done with her work and I have corrected it. I put it into a file in my file cabinet. So I will have a on going showing of her work. So when she is done with her worksheets and on computer work. Which what I'm talking about worksheet some of you may think wait I thought the only worksheets is when it pops up when the child is during computer work yes there is that put under some of the computer work. Is a hightlight words you click on that and you'll get a worksheet that need to be printed. So like I said there are worksheets that would pop up while you child is working on the computer and then there is the one under the computer work in highlight. So when each thing that my child get done I'll cross it off my list on her notebook and she goes on to the next thing. And also I write down ideas and things I find out. Like how she was during or what she needs help with. It help me a lot. Anyway I hope this was information to anyone and have any question feel free to ask me.

Thank you,
Mother of 1st/2nd graders