Is anybody homeschooling in Battle Creek or close by?
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    Default Is anybody homeschooling in Battle Creek or close by?

    I am new here. We put our 11 year old son in home schooling, after we moved here from Germany, where he attended am Military School. His first 3 month here in Middle School did not go well for him, he was so stressed out that the daily "going to school" made him sick and his grades went way down in some classes. After talking to our family practitioner my husband and I decided to home school him.
    So far it is working well, he likes the activities and is doing good again. Our only concern is that he will lose contact to other children, since he is a very reserved and quiet child.
    We are looking for other families and children in our area, what are enrolled in the home schooling program.
    Please feel free to contact us.

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    Yes, I am signing up this weekend. 12 yr old girl. We live in Battle Creek and have been considering this for awhile.

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    Default Homeschooling in Jackson, Michigan

    Hi there,

    My daughter has been homeschooled since October and I have been searching for groups in or around the area for her to join that will help her stay involved with other kids, as well. Have you found anything? Maybe we could start something if there isn't one already. My daughter is 11 years old (12 in July) and is in 6th grade.

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    Red face

    I am homeschooling my 10 year old daughter, turning 11 in January. We would be interested in getting together with others to socialize.

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    Default We're just getting started

    I just decided to home school my 11 year old since I can't find a gifted program in the area that seems to fit. He also stresses out at school. Stressed & bored is not conducive to learning! Did you all get together? I'm looking for local resources, too.

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    Default Homeschooling in Battlecreek, MI

    We might be moving to Battlecreek, MI. We have a 12 y.o. daughter. Do others of you want to get together if we move to Battlecreek?

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    Default Homeschooling in Battle Creek

    Yes, we are considering moving to Battle Creek from Saudi Arabia and currently homeschooling our 10 year old son. He's asynochronous and in mixed grades 5, 6, and & 7th. I'd be interested in getting together if we move there. We should know soon. Also, I did find a homeschool group there that has sports activities. I'll be contacting them.

    My email is [email protected], you can contact me there.

    Thanks, Nicole'

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    I pulled my two sons (11 and 13) out of public schools and signed them up with K12 which turned into a bigger nightmare with poor communications. If anyone has a little time to answer many questions I have on home schooling I would appreciate it very much. I am located between Battle Creek and Kalamazoo.
    Thank you


    [email protected]

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    Default K12

    I also love in battle creek and have been home schooling my 11 yr old daughter since September. We moved here in 2014 and the first week of public school she was getting bullied and no actions were being taken. Home school for my daughter has completely backfired on me. She quickly lost interest in school as well as any social interaction with other kids. I have tried and tried to get her to get into a sport or some type of group and she refuses to coperate with me. She literally took this experience as if it were a long long vacation. I'm at my wits end with her. She has seen a dr. Goes to counseling and still continues to act out. I don't know why BC she was not this way before. Of course had her moments like any child would but now is to the point were I have had to call an officer to my home twice to calm her down. As soon as he leaves she is back to the same way she was before the officer showed up. If you home school your child I would definitely make sure they are in some type of activity. I'm now considering behavioral boarding school. Any advice???

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    I am from the Kalamazoo area, but my kids are younger. 8, 6, 6 and 3 are the ages. We just started using Time4learning.

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