End of "School Year" reports
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    Exclamation End of "School Year" reports

    Help! We took our 6th Grader out of public school in mid-March to resolve a toxic atmosphere and after a few weeks began to see a much relaxed demeanor that learns well. Have like T4L very much so far but we're ready to move to 7th grade work and I want to be sure we've closed out the 6th grade properly. Any suggestions for how T4L reports should be printed/archived before moving into the 7th grade?

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    Reports from lower levels will still be there even if you change grade levels (as long as your membership does not lapse). However, since no technology is perfect, we suggest you print a weekly report.

    If you are just wanting to print a good report for the end of the year, I would go to the actual "Reports" tab (not the "Recent Work" tab) and generate one report for each subject. Input the beginning date and the end date and choose score report instead of attendance report. Then you can print it as a pdf.

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