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    Looking for something for my home schooled son to do with other kids.

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    My kids are involved in Scouts, Little League, AYSO soccer, story time at the library, art classes at the art center, history lessons at the museum, and a variety of things our Parks and Rec offers. I've always kept what I call an "open-door, open-fridge" policy at our home when it comes to bringing friends home from these types of activities. Maybe you can check with some of the options in your town.

    We also belong to a homeschool co-op that meets from 2:00 to 4:00 every Friday. There are enough members that each family only needs to organize one get-together (be a host family) each school year. The agenda for that week is up to the host family, who needs to plan what they will be doing a month in advance. We send out an email a month in advance, so everyone can decide which activities they are going to attend and have any necessary supplies ready. There are no requirements other than hosting one activity a year. Although they are called "host families", they rarely host an activity at their home (although they sometimes do). We usually meet at the park, the meeting room at the library, etc.

    Some of the activities that have been offered are a mom who taught everyone how to make an apron, a Valentine party and exchange, a sidewalk-chalk-in-the-park activity, a softball game, field trips to a restaurant . . . a dentist . . . a newspaper printer . . . , a dad who hosted a bicycle carnival, and just a "let's play at the park" time.

    If such a group didn't exist in our town, I would start one! With so few requirements, it's easy to organize and manage. Someone just needs to keep track of which families have signed up and who is hosting which week. Then they need to remind the host family about six weeks in advance and send out an email detailing activities to everyone a month in advance.

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