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    I have a 5 year old son and a 3 year old daughter and I've been kicking around the homeschooling thing for awhile now. I'm mostly wanting to know if anyone on here has a full time job and also homeschools? Any advice on that? Because I just don't like to take my son to public school everyday. It just feels so wrong to me yet at the same time I do work full time and I worry that he could not get everything he needs from me education wise. Also I live in the tri-cities area so if there are any homeschoolers around there it'd be great to have someone to talk to!! Thanks!


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    Welcome Stephanie!

    Many homeschooling parents work FT and still are able to homeschool.
    It depends on how flexible your job is, how flexible you are and how well your kids can work independently.
    T4L is great for this because if you can take your child to the office or work at home, then they can be doing their schoolwork while you are working and usually with very little contstant attention. And because it is a full curriculum, even if you do not have time at the beginning for anything BUT using T4L, then you know your child is getting lots of learning!
    With only a few months left in the public school year, it might be a good time for your to do a trial run and see if homeschooling works for you guys!
    Hope this helps a little!

    Happy homeschooling!

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