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    I am wondering how does Michigan monitor home schooling? My ex-wife has pulled both my 8th graders out of school because of behavioral issues and failing grades for 5 years, and says they will be home schooled. My problem is that she only has an 8th grade education herself and has helped the kids cheat in school before, how will she be able to home school them and how can the kids be educated this way without her helping them cheat. They are in the 8th grade and shouldn't be. They have been recommended by the public school to be held back every year for 4 years and she continues to pass them even though they are not ready. What are the guidelines for home schooling? Does she have to be monitored by an education board or what? Please help

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    I can tell that you are very concerned about your children's future and there education. In the state of Michigan they are home school friendly. I recommend you check out the state of Michigan website for more information. In the meantime get involved with there education. Maybe they will learn better at home. Tell your ex you want to be involved. That is the best way to know what they are learning. Homeschooling can be fun for everyone.

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    Default No monitoring/records in MI

    I am a home schooling mom of 2 little ones....been doing so for two years now....I've checked with every website, even written to the state's Department of Education, and have at least half a dozen friends whom are teacher's in public schools---and I'm sorry to say but there are no regulations, no monitoring, no mandatory record keeping required. If you are worried and are not able to be a VERY active participant in their home schooling, the only option you have is to contact your local Child Protective Services and/or get ahold of a truancy officer with your concerns. Good luck.

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    Default Please Help!!

    I've checked out the rules for homeschooling in MI. 2 years ago, when I pulled my son out of first-grade, because of behavorial issues. Now that he just completed 3rd grade in the school system, he failed in Science, and Social Studies. Now I attempted homeschooling him in the first-grade, however not to long after I pulled him out, my grandma (his great-grandma) passed away. Then a few weeks later coming home from the homeschool program we were attending, we got in a bad accident. So needless to say I had to put him back in school, because I was injured to badly to continue to homeschool my son. Now I'm going to attempt going with that K12 program they always advertise on TV, this year (his 4th grade year). But like my husband I have many doubts that it will work....and I'm sure within a few weeks of school starting I'll have to put him back in school. But he doesn't pay attention, and he lies like crazy about his homework and such. I had a very good relationship with his teacher last year. And at the end of the day she would put his books and homework in his backpack, but by the time he got off the bus, everything was gone...and he would say it feel out on the bus, or she never put it in there and what not....I just don't know what to do with him!!! Does anyone have any suggestions??? I want to homeschool him, but I just know he won't do the work!!! I started him with LA Extensions and 3rd grade history in T4L over this summer break, and he won't even keep up with that....so I don't know what else to do with him!!! I guess the ONLY other option is for me to NOT let him ride the bus home from school....and keep on him about his work and stuff!!! Does ANYONE have ANY suggestions for me??? If so PLEASE let me know!!!
    Thank you

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    My son went to PS k-5 and I am using k12 this year fr 6th grade. We are having many many challenges. I'm not home "all" the time so he skips work, doesn't take notes ect ect. He is learning very bad habbits.

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