Hello! My husband and I just began homeschooling our soon to be 9-year-old son this month. We were wondering if there are any other homeschoolers here from the Lansing area that are using Time4Learning. So far, we like it very much!

I am using Time4Learning as a core curriculum until we find something better (if that happens). So far, our son is using Time4Learning for about 1-2 hours a day and, of course, we supplement with other learning opportunities as well. I like that we can break up the day into shorter learning segments so that our son does not become frustrated or bored. In addition to Time4Learning, we have joined the group, Lansing Homeschoolers. This has been wonderful, since they post events online that are available for homeschoolers to attend. Friday, we went bowling and met some fellow homeschoolers in our area. Today, we will go swimming at the YMCA. Our son is also on a basketball team with our local YMCA. I was afraid we might be isolated if we homeschooled, but this has not been the case at all. The only thing I found odd since we began homeschooling was that my son's former school called today to ask why he was not there. It is a fairly small school, and I contacted the teachers and principal to tell them we were homeschooling last week. I even sent them a letter telling them what we were doing, which the principal acknowledged. We only recently joined the HSLDA, but I think I may call them to ask if they can contact our son's old school to tell them they need not bother us any more.

So, it's good to be here!


Elizabeth A. Jesse, MA