Looking for certified special ed teacher to home school my 3 kids
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    Default Looking for certified special ed teacher to home school my 3 kids

    Hi I am looking to hire a special education teacher. I have a 2nd daughter with dyslexia, a 4th grade son with a learning disability and another 4th grade son with EI and sensory issues. They have been in public school and I am ready to pull them out and begin homeschooling. I have no idea where to begin and would like to hire someone to come into my home and teach them as a salary position. I live in Clarkston. help? advise?

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    I'm not in Michigan, Dianas313. I live in Florida. You may have checked into the homeschool law of your state....in our state it is not legal to homeschool another family's child full time. The parent must be the teacher of record as a homeschooling parent. And the parent does not have to be a certified teacher. And as I read the law for your state, that's the way I'm understanding it....though I may be wrong. I pulled this from the Homeschool Legal Defense Association for you.

    If you still want to consider homeschooling your children, this Guide to Homeschooling should be very helpful. It was written by some homeschooling moms who use Time4Learning as the homeschool curriculum of their choice with their children.

    There are some other forums here on Time4Learning that you may find helpful, like Thinking of Using Time4Learning or New to Homeschool.

    Best wishes!
    enjoying homeschooling and learning with my kids, using T4L and T4W
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