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    Default Need an education option

    I have an 11 year old who immune deficient. Her doctor had her on home bound school for the begining of the year and we sent her back the middle of November. Since then she has had step and another hospitalization. Her doctor has re-thought the homebound school. Her school has pretty much said 2 - 45 minute sessions of school is not enough to keep her up to date with her school work. I am now looking at other options to keep her healthy and educated.

    I am looking at all the different home school options and trying to find out that meets the state requirements. I really don't even know where to start on most of this. I have read the pages here and feel this is one of the better programs. Right now, I am trying to decide
    whether to take the leap into home school or not. How do you decide?

    Any suggestions?

    Abigail (11) mom

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    Default Re: Need an education option look into your heart and decide what's best for your child. I have a friend whose daughter is allergic to peanuts.........and has asthma as well. They homeschool because they feel that their daughter is physically safer at home. T4L is a great place to start. You can suppliment with other things as you get more comfortable with this program. This program is in compliance with state standards so you don't need to worry about that part. I know that homeschooling seems really scary at first....but it's much easier than regular school. You can find a local co-op that will help you and the people here will help you as well. Check out the forum for your state and then just google "homeschool co-ops (put your city, state here)" and I think you 'll find people close to you that can be your support group. You are not alone and you will make the best decision for your child. deni.....
    deni may ............
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    Default Re: Need an education option

    Hi Lynn,

    Below are some links to some sites you might want to look at to help make that decision. ... ooling.pdf ... asp?bhcp=1


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